Quick HIIT Workout at Home for Beginners [2021]

As we are living in the creative era, there’s variety in every field. The fitness industry is one of them.  And right now this industry is going crazy over the High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It involves a short blast of intense exercise and takes turns with low-intensity exercise for recovery. HIIT workout at home is quarantine season’s favourite. 

What is HIIT Workout at home?

Runners have been using HIIT for a long time now. They switch between jogging and running all the time for better performance. It is believed that this training can burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time. And it increases your metabolic rate for hours even after the workout. HIIT improves the oxygen level in the body and regulates the blood circulation. It is the best workout to gain muscles and lose weight in a short period of time.

After 7 minutes of workout, HIIT workout at home is the big thing this year. If you’re a beginner, don’t worry. Just remember that boundaries of your life are merely creations of the self.

HIIT workouts at home for beginners

1. On the Rope HIIT Workout

Skipping is great for your overall fitness. It is a straightforward exercise. From the warm-up, till you cool down, you are doing the same thing. It is the best workout for cardiovascular fitness. It increases the length and bone strength. It releases endorphins that ease depressive moods. Both endurance and balance can be achieved by it. You can opt for any type of jump – regular, high knee, one leg, or even a cycle jump. This is the easiest HIIT workout at home.

Quick HIIT Workout at Home for Beginners [2021]
How to do it
  • 30 – 45  seconds of jumping ( try as many reps possible with good speed ).
  • 30 – 60 seconds of recovery rest ( light jogging or walking ).
  • Repeat the same for  5 – 10 times ( increase the sets with practice ).

Tip – Use a good plastic skipping rope for a better grip. They are light in weight which will make jumping easier. Pair it up with good training shoes to avoid ankle sprain.

2. The Squat Jump HIIT Workout

Squats are great for building muscles. They strengthen your quadriceps, lower back, hips, calves, and other core muscles. They also make the joints stronger. There are many variations to this.

Exercise like- jump squats, pistol squat, goblet squat, and many more. But if you are a beginner, always start with the basics. Do this with other exercises to make it a full workout.

Quick HIIT Workout at Home for Beginners [2021]
How to do it –
  • 20 squat jumps
  • 15- second squat hold ( on the floor )
  • 20 – 30 seconds rest
  • Repeat the cycle 3 – 5 times ( increase with time )

Tip – Always keep your head, neck, and back straight to avoid muscle pain. Initially, your heels might not touch the ground. Don’t worry, with the right posture it will improve.

3. Hop and Lunge HIIT Workout

Lunges help in getting a stronger core. It improves your balance and posture as well. The up and down movement of hips increases flexibility and stability.  It also improves the spine posture as the lunge takes off the load from the back. The muscular imbalance is taken care of by doing lunges.  You can go for side lunges, reverse lunges, or walking lunges depending on your comfort.

Quick HIIT Workout at Home for Beginners [2021]
How to do it –
  • Do a lunge with your right leg back.
  • Move your right leg forward and hop up on the left foot.
  • Do the same with the left leg.
  • Do one lunge for 15 seconds, switch legs, and do another 15 seconds.
  • Then take a rest for 30 seconds.
  • Repeat the sets for 5 – 10 times. ( increase with time )

Tip – Use a yoga mat to stand while doing lunges. This to maintain the balance so that you don’t slip while exercising. And make sure your posture is correct to avoid joint injuries. Landing must be slow and soft.

4. Jumping Jacks HIIT Workout

From School sports class to HIIT workout at home, jumping jacks have always been there. They improve overall body function. Because of the continuous movement, it opens up the muscles. It improves blood circulation and flexibility. It is a good exercise for the heart. The oxygen through the blood reaches the heart muscles smoothly because of jumping. They also make bone intensity denser. You can opt for, forward and backward jumping jacks, sideways jumping jacks or upward jumping jacks.

Quick HIIT Workout at Home for Beginners [2021]
How to do it –
  • Stand with your feet apart and extend your arms straight sideways.
  • Jump and stretch your hands upward.
  • Jump and bend down.
  • Stretch your hands downward.
  • Do this for 40 seconds and rest for 20 seconds.
  • Start doing this for 2 – 3 minutes ( increase with time )

Tip – Don’t over exhaust yourself.  It increases the heart rate and it is always better to go slow. And always stand straight to avoid muscle injury.

5. Burpees HIIT Workout

Quick HIIT Workout at Home for Beginners [2021]
Quick HIIT Workout at Home for Beginners [2021]

Burpees is a full-body exercise. It works on your arms, legs, hips, chest and you name it. They are great to burn calories faster. They are good for endurance training as well. Flexibility and stability is also covered in this exercise. You can go for push up burpees, sideways burpees or mountain climbing burpees. Again this is the most effective HIIT workout at home.

How to do it
  • Get in the squat position with your knees bent.
  • Move your hands forward and jump down in a push up position.
  • Keep your body straight and do one push up.
  • Slowly jump back to your original position.
  • Jump with your hand up and get back to the squat position.
  • Do this for 30 seconds( as many reps possible )
  • 15 second of rest
  • Repeat the drill for 4 – 5 sets. ( increase with time )

Tip – Initially, you might not be able to complete the set. Practice it more often to increase the sets. The stamina will build up eventually.

How to make your workout more effective?

You can intensify this training over time by following these simple steps –

  • Increase the rep count in each cycle. You can start by adding 2-3 extra reps everyday to get the results faster.
  • Reduce the rest time as you get better. This will help you burn more calories in less time.
  • Do not exceed this training for more than 15minutes. Divide your exercise in 2 parts of 7-8 minutes each. This way you will not suffer any internal injury.
  • Add strength training to this workout. This will help you get lean and gain more muscle.

These High-Intensity Interval training workouts mentioned above are great to burn more calories in less time. They are effective and efficient for every individual. You can easily do them in your living room or your yard. They can be practiced by beginners as well as trainees. Once you enter the realm of intensity training, the results will always keep you there.

But all lasting inner changes require time and effort. Persistence is the key to personal change.  With these workouts, you will tap into the highest levels of your own capacity. But to reach your fitness destination, enjoy the process of personal expansion and growth. Ironically, when the less focus is given on the end result, the quicker it comes.

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