7 Best Online Yoga Classes, You Must Checkout in 2021

Due to the global pandemic, social distancing has become the norm. Yoga helps you to stay calm and fit in this tough time. You don’t even need to step out, your living room is perfect to attain peace and flexibility due to the numerous online yoga classes.

Yoga not only improves flexibility, but it also helps you be more mindful about yourself. It takes you on a journey towards self-awareness. It helps improve your awareness of the surroundings too. It helps to restore balance and improve breathing. It also helps you fight against cardiovascular diseases.

With the growth of online classes, you can practice yoga according to your time and space. You can choose from a range of styles and teachers. You can learn at your own pace and you don’t need to rush to catch up. It’s also very cost-effective.

If you prefer privacy then yoga at home can help you be comfortable and you can try out new things. If you like the group atmosphere, you can join live yoga sessions that are held by yoga studios around the world according to your time. Some studios have online yoga communities.

Best Online Yoga Classes for your body and your wallet. 

1. Yome – Yome brings yoga to your home. You can practice yoga from a variety of styles, categories and levels. You can choose videos according to their length and the yoga instructor. You can also choose videos to target a particular pain point. The videos and information are free. You can sign up for free to access their other features and be a part of their social community.

7 Best Online Yoga Classes, You Must Checkout in 2021

2. Fightmaster Yoga – Lesley Fightmaster has a YouTube yoga channel. She believes that yoga practise helps you feel better about yourself. She has a calming voice and her videos don’t have unnecessary music or diversions. She has curated videos tackling problems like stress, body pain and more. She has videos for beginners and also for more advanced levels. She has various 30-day programs for beginners and 30-day Hatha Yoga sessions.

7 Best Online Yoga Classes, You Must Checkout in 2021

3. Do Yoga With Me – This is a community of yoga teachers and learners. You can choose among these yoga classes for different poses, levels, styles and focus. Most of their videos are free and you can sign up to join their social community. You can also join as a subscriber to access their bonus content.

7 Best Online Yoga Classes, You Must Checkout in 2021

4. Yoga With Adriene – Yoga with Adriene is a YouTube channel with free yoga videos for all levels. She has videos according to your moods and needs. There are curated playlists you can access according to lengths too. You can begin with her “30 days of Yoga with Adriene”. Her friendly, approachable nature is perfect for beginners.

7 Best Online Yoga Classes, You Must Checkout in 2021

5. Yoga Download – Yoga Download is an online yoga platform for people who want to learn about yoga. They have free sessions for you to start with and also to learn about the different styles so you can choose according to your goals and needs. You can filter through the videos easily. They offer styles like Anusara, Ashtanga, Fusion and many more.

7 Best Online Yoga Classes, You Must Checkout in 2021

6. Corepower Yoga – Corepower Yoga is another good choice amongst the existing online yoga classes. They offer yoga across all levels and moods. They have new free videos uploaded every week and if you subscribe you can access all their videos. They have plans and programs according to your need. They also live-stream their classes every day so you can connect with other avid yoga learners and teachers. They can access this across your devices and adjust your practice time too.

7 Best Online Yoga Classes, You Must Checkout in 2021

7. Yoga International – Yoga International is another portal where you can improve your Yoga skills. They have a 14-day trial period where you experience the service they can provide. They have teachers from all around the world to help you better yourself and they customize this experience for you.

7 Best Online Yoga Classes, You Must Checkout in 2021

Yoga has many benefits and practising it daily can not only help you physically but also mentally. To build motivation and avoid procrastination you can schedule yoga time for yourself. You can also create the “perfect environment” for yourself by putting on some ambient music, using a yoga mat, candles or plants. You can also team-up with your friends and practice yoga from your own homes. This will help you share experiences and give you some bonding time.

Choose the styles of yoga according to your capability. Hatha yoga, Anusara yoga are some styles for beginners. You can discover and learn about the different styles to determine what’s best for you.

While performing various asana or poses be aware of your breathing technique. Proper breathing technique can help you avoid injuries. Be aware of your form while performing yoga, go slow and maintain a sequence. Don’t rush through it.

Always practice yoga on a levelled surface and dress comfortably. Stay Happy, Stay peaceful!

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